Flat Out Afloat

Teams construct and race a seaworthy boat

1 - 2 hours
20 - Unlimited


The world's most innovative and exciting 'build your own boat' concept! Teams have to select a design, gather together some unlikely building materials and then combine their individual talents to build a seaworthy vessel. The proof of a job well done, takes place on a lake, pool or the open sea. Teams take to the water in a race, regatta, sea battle or full-blown adventure to recover sunken treasure.

Learning Outcomes

In Flat Out Afloat, teams find out that the 'impossible' becomes very achievable when individuals collaborate and co-ordinate their efforts. They also discover that true leadership and great ideas can often come from those you least expect.

Related Testimonial

The feedback from participants is really great! The concept was very well chosen and worked ideally for us! Of course we were super lucky with the weather as well. Thank you so much, we had a great time with you!

Estonian Maritime Administration

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