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FRESHBIZ: The Post11 team put their skills to the test and gained new valuable experience with the "FreshBiz" teamwork method. The first wave of excitement came with the surprise that we will be playing a board game. Another great moment was when we realised that the rules are flexible and we reach the goal as a team. To do that we had to share resources (both money and knowledge) and help the whole team reach the end. And the third experience was when the first successful team could share their wisdom with other teams. This method was fun, engaging, and most importantly, provided a useful lesson on how successful we can be when working together and supporting each other. The cheerful and competent Catalyst Baltic facilitator also played a role in the success of the day. It is great when wisdom is gathered in a fun and playful way!

Marit Pajulaid(Post 11)


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At Catalyst Estonia, we pride ourselves in knowing and understanding our local market; delivering highly successful experiences for enhanced team performance. We are part of Catalyst, the largest team building network worldwide with over 50 businesses across 90 countries. As team building experts, we share resources, best practice and business opportunities to create highly relevant, socially responsible, great value, team building experiences for our clients.

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