tina katrina kaber

Tiina-Katrina Kaber

Head of Catalyst Estonia, EnterTrainer and development


Running the Catalyst operations in Estonia, supporting local and international companies in their quest for well-functioning, happy and ambitious teams.

As a bit of a development junkie, Tiina-Katrina is fascinated with all things learning and growth related. With experience in formal and non-formal education, CSR and event management, she has found a unique way to bring value to the companies. Combining the highly engaging and superbly tailored Catalyst products with concepts of change management and neuroscience in learning, Tiina-Katrina is able to deliver trainings and events that really take the teams to a more productive cooperation phase.

Asking the right questions and setting clear objectives allows strong cooperation with her clients which often leads to more partnerships than simply service delivery.

Always curious, Tiina-Katrina’s inquisitive personality shows in her trainings where the real stars are the participants bringing their own unique sets of experience, knowledge, ideas and questions to the table. Or rather the floor, as most trainings in Catalyst Estonia do not take place behind tables, but in full-on action mode combined with just the right amount of info, analysis and feedback.

Some of her clients include Swedbank, Coca-Cola, Ericsson, BDO, Deloitte, Paulig, Ipsen Pharma, etc.

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