Team Wellbeing

Team wellbeing is a journey, not a destination.

1 - 2 hours
Indoors and Outdoors
8 - Unlimited


Team Wellbeing is a collaborative team-building activity where participants are encouraged to think about their role in the well-being of the team both during the game and back in the workplace. Teams engage in various physical, mental and creative activities delivered via a team tablet, each focusing on small everyday actions and behaviours. Team Wellbeing occurs in three stages. In the first phase, participants realise that their actions affect the well-being of others in the team. During the second phase, participants decide on the actions they will take to positively influence collective well-being. In the third phase, they realise the necessity for ongoing action to develop consistent behaviour. Teams devise a plan with specific actions and timeframes for the ongoing well-being of all and scribe them on the Tree of Wellbeing. The Tree of Wellbeing can be hung in the office as a reminder of their commitment to wellbeing and a trigger for ongoing action.

Learning Outcomes

Team Wellbeing develops skills, an action plan and a commitment to the well-being of the team. The game is focused on the primary factors connected to well-being.

  • Meaningful Communication - stimulating communication in which people pay attention to how they speak and affect others and themselves to achieve desired results.
  • Vitality and Strength - physical health is psychological and emotional health.
  • Joy and creativity - creativity, game approach and happiness at work have proven to increase a team’s productivity.
  • Connection to Nature reduces stress, reduces illness, and increases productivity.

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