Haute Couture

Teams create & parade a catwalk collection

2 - 3 hours
Competitive / Collaborative
50 - Unlimited


Participants let their imagination and creative juices run wild, release hidden design skills as they create catwalk sensations. Teams are given budgets, blank paper, bolts of cloth, safety pins, scissors, plus all the other items that it takes to create a catwalk sensation. With a tight time frame teams must design a fashion collection with limited resources. The activity culminates in teams strutting their stuff on the catwalk.

Learning Outcomes

Teamwork, effective management, and a common vision are essential ingredients to develop a winning fashion collection. Teams have a limited amount of time to develop and choreograph their catwalk so accurate role allocation playing to the strengths of individuals is vital. Haute Couture is a challenging yet hilarious activity that will leave teams with lasting memories and a greater understanding of the importance of creativity and innovation.

Related Testimonial

Haute Couture is lively and convivial. Highlighted the importance of team work and acknowledging the strengths of each other.


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