Client Testimonials

Testimonials about our commitment to business excellence and working with our clients every step of the way.

BRIDGING THE DIVIDE: A truly unique and wonderful method for anyone looking to improve their communication and teamwork skills! Understanding the game principle alone is not enough, because surprising circumstances are added during the game. The goal is common, but there is plenty to do for everyone. The main concept revolves around the development of communication within the team and with other teams. There were different solutions and it was nice to see people's creativity. Some put more emphasis on the looks while others focused on practicality. The end result was, of course, enjoyable for everyone, when the bridge built with the effort of nearly 100 people actually worked as a track for a remotely controlled car.

Liisa Digman(Ramirent Shared Services AS)

FRESHBIZ: Thanks again for a fun game! I believe that a fair few thought patterns were changed during the event. Starting with the fact that adults do not play board games and ending with the realization that results are not found in competition, but in working together. Probably the highest praise is that there are employees who would like to try again and those who regret not having participated :)

Imbi Loomets (Fortum Eesti OÜ )

FRESHBIZ: The Post11 team put their skills to the test and gained new valuable experience with the "FreshBiz" teamwork method. The first wave of excitement came with the surprise that we will be playing a board game. Another great moment was when we realised that the rules are flexible and we reach the goal as a team. To do that we had to share resources (both money and knowledge) and help the whole team reach the end. And the third experience was when the first successful team could share their wisdom with other teams. This method was fun, engaging, and most importantly, provided a useful lesson on how successful we can be when working together and supporting each other. The cheerful and competent Catalyst Baltic facilitator also played a role in the success of the day. It is great when wisdom is gathered in a fun and playful way!

Marit Pajulaid(Post 11)

BEAT THE BOX: We have selected Beat the Box twice and had very positive feedback from participants. Thank you for a great game! Some quotes from participants: A method that develops logical thinking. / Difficult, interesting, compelling. / Such a thrilling game! It works well in uniting teams and proving how difficult it is to reach our goals without cross team collaboration. Together we are stronger! / An interesting method with unique tasks.

Enefit Kaevandused AS

We have tried our hand in building boats out of unusual materials in Flat Out: Afloat; expressed our business savvy with FreshBiz; tested co-ordination and rhythm while wearing coloured rubber gloves in BodyRap; and breaking codes in BeatTheBox. In addition to giving us fun and interesting ways to spend time with colleagues, these methods have provided a number of surprises. Regardless of how inevitably competition may raise its head, Catalyst games always remind us of what is really important in teamwork and what truly brings value!

Anu-Kadi Soa(-)

With any key event, having trust and confidence in the professionalism, customer focus and technical execution of the event is paramount. The trust and confidence I have in Catalyst is based on 7 years experience of high quality delivery... of expectations exceeded and an organisation that quite simply has never let us down.


GO TEAM: It was a great pleasure to work with the Catalyst team when hosting in Tallinn colleagues from 26 European countries where PHOENIX Group is represented. Since most of the international team had never been to Tallinn, we wanted to introduce them to the Old Town. We set a goal in the organizing team of making it playful and active. Since I had heard about Catalyst's approach to team development before, I knew whom to turn to. We chose the high-tech Go Team treasure hunt from the solutions provided by Catalyst Estonia. Together with Tiina-Katrina, we discussed what should definitely be the treats to show our guests during their time in the Old Town of Tallinn. With the joint planning done, Tiina-Katrina took care of everything. Tiina-Katrina and her team are committed, they think and plan with the client and really want the customer to have a memorable experience. I felt taken care of as a client and I also enjoyed the event myself not having to think about organizational issues. The format of the treasure hunt completely fulfilled its purpose. An added value was the small competition between teams and the opportunity to get to know our peers.

Liina Kippasto (Tamro AS)

BEAT THE BOX: This solution was selected for a smaller team and provided activities and ideas for everyone. When it was originally believed to be a competition, it soon turned out that we had to work together to move forward. Once again, a victorious solution for teamwork and communication!

Liisa Digman(Ramirent Shared Services AS)

GO TEAM: it was the perfect synergy between adventure, entertainment and discovery. All of the participants fully enjoyed this event as it was a really intriguing and refreshing activity after our main events. What I most valued was the chance to acquire fascinating information about the wonderful Vormsi island while bonding with our team members.

Aleksander Tali (Startup Estonia)

TWO TRIBES turns into TRIBAL OLYMPICS: It was our most recent activity. I turned to Tiina-Katrina with the idea of building our summer days about the Olympic Games. Based on this, we made a special solution based on the Two Tribes method. The whole day was very nicely set up, there were both teamwork and competition elements. There were suitable activities for everyone. Just like in the Olympics, there were award, which in turn was a game: all the medals had to be combined into a puzzle, from which we could read the motto of the day. The best part of the day, however, was that all the points collected were converted into a donation to one of Estonia's best Paralympic swimmers, Susannah Kaul, to support him on her way to Dublin. The day was a great success, we got something both for the body and the soul, and we had a great time together.

Liisa Digman(Ramirent Shared Services AS)